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TEFL-ePAL Project aims to transform teaching of languages in Palestine

An innovative research project led by the University of Wolverhampton to transform the teaching of languages in Palestine.

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The TEFL-ePAL project is a three-year-project. From its website: “Its management process plan consolidates several activities and relies on multiple resources with the aim to implement initiatives that develop learners’ linguistic capacity, skills, and English language excellence, aiming to bridge the educational and socio-political gaps, enhance modernization, internationalization, sustainable and lifelong learning.”

With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the TEFL-ePAL project is a collaboration between European partners including the University of Wolverhampton. They will work with colleagues in Palestinian universities led by Al-Quds Open University in Jerusalem. The University is receiving €80,000 (approx. £69,300) from the European Union over three years for its role in the project, which will involve developing training materials and delivering training events, and to create an environment for training the trainers.

Professor of Digital Learning, John Traxler, from the University’s Institute of Education, along with Dr Brendan Bartram, Dr Howard Scott and Dr Matt Smith from the Education Observatory have attended management conferences in Anadolu, Turkey and Ramallah, Palestine, and have hosted colleagues from our partner institutions here in Wolverhampton twice for week-long pedagogical workshops. We are currently in the curriculum-building phase of the project. This project builds on consultancy, previous research projects and research studentships in the Institute of Education focused on digital learning, language learning and Palestinian people and institutions.