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Teaching That Matters

Teaching that Matters was researched and written for Million+ by Mark Hadfield, Jas Dhillon, Michael Jopling and Russell Goffe-Wood. The report highlights how a teaching revolution is underway in modern universities with new approaches to teaching and learning that increases employability and improves the social mobility of graduates.

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Teaching that Matters shows how modern universities are leading the way in making sure that teaching and learning deliver the knowledge, workplace and professional skills increasingly demanded by employers and by students themselves. The report demonstrates how modern universities play a key role in helping people in work and those who do not want to study full-time to gain higher qualifications, with 34 per cent of students studying part-time and with many more undertaking sandwich courses, work and professional placements or other flexible learning opportunities.

“We encourage staff to be creative in the way that they’re designing the teaching and specifically in the way that they are trying to engage students in experiential learning.”

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Report Conculsion

Teaching and learning are absolutely central to the mission of modern universities. Through an innovative and constantly evolving array of teaching activities designed to enhance student learning and graduate employability, these universities educate nearly half of all undergraduates and more than 40 per cent of all postgraduate students.

Modern universities cater for people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds and at different stages of their careers and in many cases have a transformational impact upon the aspirations and life chances of students. The graduates of modern universities make a substantial contribution to social, cultural and economic life in the United Kingdom and beyond.

As the funding system for higher education in England shifts from the state to the student, all universities will need to connect with the experiences of learners, place them at the heart of the education process and work to maximise investment in teaching and learning.

As one Vice Chancellor has emphasised this represents both a considerable challenge and an opportunity for universities:

“Teaching will need to push, stretch, innovate and excite the students. We will need to invest more in teaching.”

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