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Professors give live interview over YouTube to launch a Postdigital Campus in Germany

On 22 October 2020 Professor Sarah Hayes from Education Observatory, University of Wolverhampton and Professor Petar Jandrić from University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb were invited to speak with Professor Felicitas Macgilchrist at the inaugural lunch to launch the Postdigital Participation Campus at Braunschweig, Germany.


Organised by the Leibniz ScienceCampus they were asked to reflect on postdigital publications and current projects and to discuss what it means to be living, researching and participating in a postdigital age, under postdigital conditions. The concept of the postdigital has emerged as a way of describing and analysing a world in which it no longer makes sense to speak of separate online and offline spaces. Instead, the postdigital names a world in which the digital is threaded throughout our lives. The talk was broadcast to a public audience over YouTube and can be accessed here