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Inclusion and Diversity in Leadership Conference

Our 2022 leadership conference focused on inclusion and diversity and took place on 7-10 March 2022.

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Conference programme

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Keynote speakers

Dame Professor Alison Peacock

Dr Matt Sliver

Allana Gay

Vivenne Porritt

Dr John Jacklin

Sean Starr

Celebrating school leaders and partnership projects

  • 7th March: Laura Hyatt, Faye Edwards, Adrian Lee, Rachel Tranter
  • 8th March: Tracy Cockayne; Matthew Moore; Tim Mullen-Furness
  • 9th March: Aimee Williams; Andrew Seager

Laura Hyatt

Faye Edwards

Adrian Lee

Rachel Tranter

Tracey Cockayne

Tim Mullen-Furness

Ryan Mullings

Aimee Williams

Event recordings