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Extending Human Data Interaction (HDI) Theory

This is the second Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded Human Data Interaction project run by Education Observatory.

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The project takes a creative and inclusive knowledge exchange approach to both build on findings from our first project: Data and Disadvantage: taking a regional approach towards Human Data Interaction (HDI) to inform local and national digital skills policies and to extend our cross-sector dialogic approach towards extending the HDI conceptual framework

Extending Human Data Interaction (HDI) theory, in partnership with diverse voices from the cross-sector community and international interdisciplinary researchers 

Led by Prof Sarah Hayes, Dr Stuart Connor, Prof Michael Jopling and Matt Johnson

This is the second Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded Human Data Interaction project run by Education Observatory. 

To address a lack of studies on how people interact with data (Victorelli, et., al, 2020) and to broaden the evidence underpinning the HDI conceptual framework from a largely Computer Science perspective towards an interdisciplinary, cross-sector one, we begin by conducting a systematic, interdisciplinary literature review to both summarise and synthesise what has been written about the HDI tenets: legibility, agency and negotiability,

Taking these findings into open discussion with our target groups (including those concerned with research and policymaking, privacy, civil liberties, digital skills providers, charities working with digital poverty, inclusion, data poverty, disadvantage, data, young children, ageing citizens, ethics and lifelong learning) we create spaces for interactive presentations and debate. Participants will be invited to 2 cross-sector, interdisciplinary webinar events:

  1. An event focused towards critique/extension of HDI as a conceptual framework with an invitation to submit abstracts for a co-written publication (September 2021 – see Agenda)
  2. An event where participants collaborate on a high impact, co-authored HDI publication that will presents our findings from the first event (November 2021 – see Agenda)

Impact will be realized through wide dissemination of this co-authored Springer book:

Call for book chapters

Human Data Interaction, Disadvantage and Skills in the Community: Enabling Cross-Sector Environments For Postdigital Inclusion 

Sarah Hayes, Stuart Connor, Matthew Johnson and Michael Jopling (Editors)

We will also write a policy briefing on our innovative methodology, that brings together the cross-sector community and international interdisciplinary researchers in shared dialogue.

Further details on this research are discussed in our commentary paper:

Hayes, S., Connor, S., Johnson, M. and Jopling, M. (2021) Connecting cross-sector community voices: data, disadvantage, and postdigital inclusion. Postdigital Science and Education