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Early Years Conference 2020

On Saturday 21st November, the Education Observatory hosted the Early Year Conference 2020 with a focus on ‘Changing practice in challenging times: pedagogy and practice in the early years’

Children, Young People & Families
Early Years

In total 77 people attended this event.  The audience ranged in profession including students, academics and practitioners.  They also ranged in location with staff and students from the University of Wolverhampton and CREC, to UK and international external attendees. 

Keynote speakers from the event included:

Helen Lyndon who is the postgraduate lead at the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC).  She presented on the conference’s title ‘Changing practice in challenging times; reconsidering professional development for the early years during Covid-19’ drawing in detail on her research on pedagogic mediation.

Professor Chris Pascal OBE and Professor Tony Bertram, Directors of the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC), presented on ‘What do young children have to say? Recognising their wisdom, agency and need for companionship in a time of crisis’.  Their content included emerging findings from a recent Froebel study carried out during Covid-19. 

Feedback on the day included:

  • Brilliant presentations! Lots to think about, opportunities to reflect on my practice and ideas for further research
  • It was really thought provoking, the online access is fine for me and has not impacted on what I take away thank you
  • Thank you really enjoyed and very informative
  • Lots of thinking to do.  Thank you all
  • Really informative, lots of information for us to go and do further research, thank you for giving up your Saturday too
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed todays presentations thank you very much. Been great to be part of this and will be taking some ideas back to my setting to share with staff

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