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Professor John Traxler and Matthew Johnson of the Education Observatory are working with the British Council to help shape digital learning across Southern Africa. This important research project aims to help enhance learning for thousands of digital users across Southern Africa in a time where educational exclusion is increasing due to the Covid-19

Current Projects
Digital and post-digital learning

British Council South Africa is using WhatsApp as a way of providing home education English learning materials to parents, guardians and caregivers during school closures due to Covid-19. With DFID funding, they are expanding the programme to engage 500,000 users in southern African countries, such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa.

Prof. John Traxler and Matthew Johnson of the Education Observatory are conducting important research on this programme on behalf of British Council South Africa in partnership The Consultants-E (TCE).

This research will shape how the programme proceeds in the future in order to ensure that it is impactful for thousands of children across Southern Africa. It has even more importance in this current Covid-19 crisis where education and schooling has been further curtailed for those living poverty