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Developing Decolonised Learning Spaces

By John Traxler, Marguerite Koole, Shri Footring, Matt Smith The Tawaw ( project is led by Marguerite Koole from the University of Saskatchewan, Shri Footring, an independent consultant, and Matt Smith and John Traxler at the University of Wolverhampton. It is early days so this is just an outline of our thinking and progress to date. It grows out of Marguerite’s work in language app development with Indigenous

Decolonising Learning Technology

by Professor John Traxler Recently I contributed to the panel at ALT-C discussing the Association’s new ethics framework and at some point, according to a flutter on Twitter, “@johntraxler suggested we need to decolonise education technology.” A great idea whose time may have come! Certainly, it would feed into moves to ‘decolonise the curriculum’ and