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Book Seminar – Childhood Well-being and Resilience: Influences on Education

On Monday 30th November 2020, the Education Observatory hosted a book seminar to celebrate the publication of a new book from Routledge: Childhood Well-being and resilience: influences on education, edited by Zeta Williams-Brown and Sarah Mander.

Children, Young People & Families
Early Years
Mental health and vulnerability

 In total 57 people attended this event.  The audience included: 

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students from differing universities, including the University of Wolverhampton, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Northumbria University and Arctic University in Norway. 
  • Academics working in a variety of universities and in differing departments, including an Education Lecturer from Open University, a primary ITT lecturer from the University of Wolverhampton and a member of staff from the Institute of Education in London.  
  • Practitioners working in a range of professional roles including a EYFS and KS1 leader from an SEMH school, a primary school teacher from Belfast and a practitioner from Scotland.   

The seminar included presentations from and discussions with contributors to the book.  The seminar was divided into four discussions as follows.  Videos of these presentations are also available below:

Discussion one: What is childhood well-being and resilience? 

Understanding the concept of child well-being: dimensions, domains and discourses by Alyson Lewis 

The concept of resilience and implications for interventions in schools by Lydia Lewis, Emma Ormerod and Kathryn Ecclestone 

Well-being, Mental Health and the Student Population by Sarah Mander 

Discussion two: National and international perspectives on childhood well-being and resilience.

Developing a resilient nation. Devolution and the Welsh approach to enhancing well-being by Caroline Lewis 

Challenging the role of educational professionals in supporting children in Italian schools by Elisabetta Biffi, Christina Palmieri and Maria Benedetta Gambacorti-Passerini 

The role of the kindergarten in children’s well-being and resilience: the case of Norway by Maria Dardanou and Eirin Gamst-Nergard 

Discussion three: Discussion: Working to support children’s wellbeing and resilience 

Listening to children: the rights of the child by Helen Lyndon 

What does resilience mean to children?  by Zeta Williams-Brown, Michael Jopling and Andrew Aston 

Education and Social Work working collaboratively to support vulnerable families: benefits and tensions by Michael Jopling and Sharon Vincent 

Discussion four: Approaches to supporting childhood wellbeing,  resilience and educational outcomes 

The role of mindfulness in supporting well-being in young children by Chris Ludlow 

Solution Focused Resilience Work: from the fantastical to the real by Dean-David Holyoake 

Feedback on the day included: 

  • Thank you very much! An excellent session 
  • Really hoping we can have access to the book as an ebook through our Uni library – I can see so many students who would benefit from reading the chapters – students across undegrad, masters, PGCE across the nations 
  • Thank you for today everyone, really timely and important topics 
  • Thank you everyone- such a diverse range of perspectives on the same issues , really thought provoking and stimulated new connections in my thinking 
  • Broad range of perspectives and nationalities, very interesting. Thank you 🙂 
  • I’ll be buying a copy soon – thanks to all contributors and the organisers – tech hitches did not detract from a superb event – loved the variety of settings, national contexts, chapter foci and range of presenters 
  • I have gained so much from the day-I am seriously wondering whether we need another way to talk about resilience-lots of useful inputs and I shall be buying the book-thank you 
  • Thank you a really broad range of thoughts and perspectives around the shared theme of WB, I look forward to reading the book 
  • Thank you, today has been really helpful in highlighting some key areas for my literature review for my masters dissertation  
  • All of the presenters were extremely enthusiastic and many showed how their work could be applied to many of our contexts which was great! A great big ‘diolch yn fawr’ from Wales. Congratulations on the book!

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