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Annual Institute of Education Research and Scholarship Conference

The Education Observatory held the Institute of Education’s (IoE) annual research conference on 28th June 2019.


The Education Observatory held the Institute of Education’s (IoE) annual research conference on 28th June 2019.

This was an opportunity to support, share and celebrate staff and student research carried out in the IoE. Professor Pete Boyd from the University of Cumbria gave the opening key-note address entitled: “Developing Research-Informed Practice in Education: Implications for teacher educators and other academics.”

This was followed by a total of 16 staff and student presentations on topics ranging from education and employability, to authentic assessment and gender equality in European schools.

Visiting scholar, Dr Francesca Dello Preiete from the University of Florence, Italy, gave a paper on “Women and school management: Perspectives for leadership and female Governance.” Professor Michael Jopling closed the day by launching the Observatory’s new Black Country Insight Data Library.


View the full agenda for the conference.

  • Keynote by Professor Pete Boyd (University of Cumbria): Developing Research-Informed Practice in Education: Implications for Teacher Educators and Other Academics,
  • Dr Maria Tsouroufli: Promoting and Certifying Gender Equality in Secondary Schools in Europe through a whole-school approach: Eradicating Gender stereotyping and gender based violence
  • Peter Bennett & Victoria Wright: “Making a bid for utopia”: designing authentic assessments around student agency.
  • Prof Peter Lavender: Research dilemmas: hunting for the Snark
  • Marc Smale: Personalising Student Learning
  • Francesca Dello Preiete: Women and school management. Perspectives for leadership and female Governance
  • Dr David Scott and Dr Gavin Ward: Lived Experiences of Being a Physical Education Student in Higher Education: Negotiating Identities through Gymnastic and Dance Assessments
  • Deborah Littley and Lisa Bramwell: HeadStart local evaluation: qualitative perspectives from schools
  • Dr Zenna Kingdon: Whose Shoes: Body or Identity, Body and Identity?
  • Prof John Traxler, Zuheir Khaif and Prof Alan Nevill:Living Under Occupation: Palestinian Teachers’ Experiences and their Digital Responses
  • Dr David Matheson: Accidental learning
  • Marc Smale, Emma Luckhurst, Tess Baylis- Smith & Deborah Littley: Exploring comparative judgement technique to support standardisation and moderation of student assessment of a level 6 module
  • Pete Bennett & Naomi Knott: (Sandwell College) ‘Damned with feigned praise’: education and employability in an age of austerity and/ or anxiety
  • Dr Helen Perkins and Tracey Edwards: Men in Childcare: A Balanced Approach
  • Dr Linda Devlin, Rachel Morgan- Guthrie and Tracey Wallis: Leading Learning Networks: Identifying the needs, recognising the complexities and reaping the benefits.
  • Paul Gurton and Dr Matt Smith: Flipped learning in Teacher Education
  • Dr David Thompson & Dr Stephanie Brewster: Enabling Employability Through Inclusive Placement Learning (Powerpoint I Summary)

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